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Hosting outdoor parties in the Springtime- don't let Spring showers rain our your parade

Hosting outdoor parties in the Springtime- don't let Spring showers rain our your parade - Dancing with juniper

Spring is here! And who says you can't have a blast, rain or shine? We're all about celebrating life's moments, indoors and out. So, whether you're dodging raindrops or basking in sunshine, we've got a treasure trove of homeware tricks up our sleeves. Let's dive into the art of turning your space into a haven of comfort and delight, no matter what the weather throws your way.

Rainy Day Saviours: Ever had a rain-soaked BBQ party dashed by unpredictable Spring weather? We've all been there. Solution: a magical cupboard or garden shed filled with last-minute lifesavers. Picture-perfect parasols that defy both rain and shine, foldable tables that master the trickiest doorways, and oh, the humble tea towel—an army of them to rescue surfaces from the chaos. Say goodbye to party-planning headaches!

From Garden to Tabletop: Who said the outdoors can't come inside? Those charming old terracotta pots and planters? They're not just for the garden anymore. Place them atop your indoor table for a smart, rustic twist. And guess what? You can keep your potted pals alive and thriving, adding a dash of green all year round. No more fleeting cut flowers (as pretty as they are)!

Chill Vibes: Rain or shine, our cool companions are here to save the day. Keep your cool with an ice bucket for drinks that knows no weather bounds. And what's an outdoor gathering without a fun outside bar under the shelter of an umbrella? It's like a mini haven where guests can spread out, laugh, and dance without cramping each other's style. Zhuzh up the bar with a pretty table runner and some fancy G&T combos.

The Night Changers: When the night air turns chilly, don't fret. We've got the perfect recipe for warmth and coziness. Imagine this: a firepit illuminating the night, topped with cushions and snug throws just a reach away. Maybe even a few wheatbags on hand. And let's not forget the sweetest treat—the s'mores! That's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Light Up Your Universe: Lighting is the fairy dust of every gathering. When nature shifts your plans indoors, let the warm glow take over. Line tables with enchanting twisted candles and let lamps on sideboards create a haven of coziness. And if your umbrella's up, let the festoon lights work their magic, transforming the space into an inviting oasis.

Food for Every Forecast: Rain or shine, your menu is ready to shine. Skip the weather worries and prepare food that dazzles no matter what. Rainy barbecue blues? Not here! Fresh, vibrant ingredients are the key. Hit up those Ottolenghi books and get some large pre prepped share plates happening. 

In a Nutshell: At Dancing With Juniper, we believe in turning every moment into a celebration. Rain or shine, indoors or out, your space is your canvas of joy. With a touch of homeware magic, you're ready to welcome laughter, comfort, and memories that dance through all seasons. So, let's raise a toast—to turning every day into a masterpiece of merriment!

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